The quickest way to complete your quarterly returns!

Complete our simple 5 step process to have your quarterly return spreadsheet generated, compliant and ready to submit!

Integrated with your payroll system

eziLeave gets the data directly from your payroll system so you don’t have to do a thing

Created in minutes

eziLeave summarises your payroll data to automatically create the quaterly return

Payroll integration

eziLeave integrates to your payroll system and only extracts the data it needs eliminating manual errors​

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How it works

uploading file
Upload spreadsheet

Upload your quaterly return spreadsheet from the Portable Long Service Benefits Authority employer portal.

confirm workers
Confirm existing workers

eziLeave automatically matches your workers from the employee portal to your payroll system to summarise the quarterly hours and total ordinary pay, eliminating manual errors and while providing appropriate checks and balances

Update details of new workers

include any new workers employed during the quarter so you can report them correctly and remain compliant

Confirm completed
Confirm details are correct

Confirm all the workers details are correct and generate the quarterly return spreadsheet to upload into the employer portal

Submit spreadsheet

Your quarterly return is generated for you and ready to upload into the Portable Long Service Authority employer portal

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