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Portable long service
leave compliance
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Without having to spend days in spreadsheets

Meet eziLeave.

The all in one portable long service leave compliance solution


Full payroll integration that creates and submits returns in minutes whilst saving hours and reducing errors


We have developed our software to ensure compliance with the Long Service Benefits Portability Act 2018 and regulations


We will advise when the Authority owes you money by creating all reimbursement forms for worker terminations or when your workers take long service leave

Quarterly Returns

We get the worker data straight from your payroll system, do the calculations and create your spreadsheet ready for submission to the Authority within minutes

What is eziLeave?

Discover the effortless way to handle long service leave

Our solution seamlessly syncs with your payroll systems, automating the submission of quarterly returns. 

This integration not only ensures compliance with regulations but also enhances the accuracy of your submissions. Ezileave simplifies the task of managing worker reimbursements, whether it’s for terminations or for long service leave.

Experience the convenience of our cloud-based platform, designed to be user-friendly while significantly boosting efficiency and precision in managing long service leave obligations for your business.

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Loved by businesses,
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the globe.

eziLeave is built for you.
With useful features and an intuitive interface.

Saves You Time

Full payroll integration means quarterly returns can be completed in under 10 minutes!

More money in your account

Cashflow can be managed in an efficient way. eziLeave will tell you when reimbursement claims are due

Audit proof

eziLeave does all the complex calculations for you so you can relax knowing your data is compliant


Eliminates manual errors and provides for checks and balances

Super ezi to use

Today’s generation love it because it’s mobile and saves them time

Payroll integration

eziLeave is a cloud-based solution that fully integrates with your payroll system to extract the data required to automate your calculations and reporting

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