What is portable long service leave

What is Portable Long Service Leave?

The Portable Long Service Leave system in Australia provides workers with the ability to access long service leave entitlements, regardless of their current employer or job. This means that workers who have dedicated a significant amount of time to their chosen industry can take leave without having to start their entitlements from scratch at each new job.

The Victorian Portable Long Service Benefits scheme operates in the cleaning, security, and community services industries and offers workers in these industries greater job security and stability. To be eligible, workers must have worked in the relevant industry for at least seven years.

Once eligible, workers can access their long service leave entitlements through the Portable Long Service Authority (PLSA), regardless of their current employer. This allows them to take leave as needed, without having to restart their entitlements every time they change jobs.

The Portable Long Service Authority (PLSA) of Victoria administers the Victorian Portable Long Service Benefits scheme, which is funded by contributions from employers in the eligible industries.

For further information, please visit the Portable Long Service Authority website: www.vic.gov.au/portable-long-service

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