PLSA Overtime

Are you overpaying your levy?

We have encountered issues whereby employers have overpaid their Quarterly

Why? Mostly this is due to not understanding what is considered ‘ordinary pay’. A key example is overtime. For workers that have performed overtime duties and received a penalty rate payment above their ordinary rate of pay. In this instance, the levy should only be paid on the regular rate of pay, not the full amount paid to the worker.

One of the key benefits of the eziLeave software is its ability to automatically revert the overtime penalty trate back to the regular rate of pay, ensuring you do not overpay on your quarterly return levy.

More details on what is ‘ordinary pay’ can be found on the Portable Long Service Leave website here

If this all sounds a bit too confusing or complicated, why not get in contact with us and we can arrange a free health check of your payroll setup and past quarterly returns!

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